DDQ (Difference Density Quality) program 

1. Download the file ddq9jun2000.tar
   using your favorite webbrowser:

2. On a unix platform type: 
   tar -xvf ddq9jun2000.tar

3. You need a fortran compiler; compile as follows:
   f77 -o ddq.exe -static ddq9jun2000.f
   (or for SGI (IRIX 6.3):  f77 -o ddq.exe -col120 -static ddq9jun2000.f
    and for Digital Unix : f77 -o ddq.exe -extend_source -static ddq9jun2000.f)

4. See ddq.doc for documentation and the DDQ web page + online DDQ reprint 
   for additional information.

Any comments, suggestions, reports on bugs etc. are welcome by e-mail
to Focco van den Akker: fxv5@cwru.edu